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_The last quote - TOWARDS OUR THEORY OF MEDIA - june 16th 2009 2:23-3:28am GST+1 - Saas Fee
A project in the making with Alejo, Baruch, Rah-nee, Selcuk, Tim and me. Thanks to Geert Lovink
"Our 'Age of Anxiety' is, in great part, the result of trying to do today's job with yesterday's concepts."
M. mcLuhan, The medium is the MASSAGE, 1967

This was the last quote.
THAT'S IT! No more Aristotles, Heideggers, Derridas, Nancys or Zizeks to articulate the language of OUR MEDIA we will now speak our words, our images and our sounds. We are thinkers, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, programmers - artists of our time, orphans at last!
Anne-Laure Oberson Vilem Flusser Writings
We have been "infected with the feeling of adventure",
of course we will always quote Vilem Flusser as he is not our father but our friend.
Anne-Laure Oberson Our Images
This is not a redundant image.
Let's see, I am photographing the computer screen displaying a music video of Selcuk's rock band Replikas, which was censored in Turkey because a man is pointing a gun at the camera, embeded in the image is a live-feed from Istanbul of Yasemin pointing her camera towards us capturing on her screen, which is reflected in the lens, the live-feed of herself and the video projected on the wall in Saas Fee, which Tim is seen looking at.
Three actual spaces and six image planes (still counting) are collapsed in one single shot.
Anne-Laure Oberson Eye Am I Tim Syth
Eye am I
Anne-Laure Oberson Zizek
Old voices... (Tim - the beard has to go!)

Anne-Laure Oberson New Language Rah-nee languages!

more images to grab
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